"Unwind" at Nebraska Crossing by Sondra Gerber

Installations Sondra Gerber

Sondra Gerber's first sculpture installation at Nebraska Crossing was a fisherman, fly fishing for trout. It was created with multiple layers of aluminum, textured here in the studio and accented with fused glass. To watch a video of our process, click the link to go to Sondra's Metal Petal facebook page. 

The months-long process starts with Sondra exchanging ideas with the client, providing sketches and renderings. Next, files are sent to a metal cutter to cut the aluminum. One layer of the fisherman required sandblasting to provide dimension and contrast. The two-sided figure was intricately hand ground in the Metal Petal Art shop. Fused glass elements also created in the shop, include the "N" for the ball cap, cattails, and a rainbow trout. 

Sondra chooses to work with aluminum because it is lightweight, showcases pattern and dimension extraordinarily well, and it practically glows in reflected light. 

Watch our facebook page for more photos and videos of our installations! 

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