About Sondra Gerber & Her Sculptures.

How do you inspire others? Throughout my life, I have been blessed to have a great support system of other creative and business minded people that have come alongside me to encourage, educate and mentor me. I feel strongly about paying that forward. I "adopt" other creatives and entrepreneurs within the handmade market. I often learn just as many new things through mentoring as I do being mentored. I also think it’s necessary for my businesses to  be involved by giving time or money to organizations or individuals in our community that we feel led to.

Click here to see one of my "adopted" makers. I am so encouraged by this teens success with his candle business. Plus I LOVE his all natural soy candles.

What is it like to be part of the Metal Petal team?  I believe in providing an upbeat, secure, proactive working environment for my small team of assistants. I love to discover what each member is especially enthusiastic about so I can steer projects and training in their direction that fit well with their skill set and job goals. My studio and gallery are also places I feel honored to lead and mentor. I love to encourage each individual and watch him/her bloom! I especially love having coffee time with my team every morning.